L-Theanine – Quality Stress Relief

L-Theanine – Quality Stress Relief

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Supplements that contain L – theanine have become widely popular these days due to their ability to decrease stress, boost up sleep, concentration, awareness, alertness and to encourage relaxation. But can these supplements really turn off your mind and bring it in the state of nirvana?

L-Theanine is an amino acid that can be found in the black and green tea and it’s the main cause why this beverage has strong calming effect and improves the mood while being consumed. Studies have shown that this type of substance has an influence on different kind of neurotransmitters, creating a smooth effect that helps the consumer to absorb the caffeine from the tea. On the other hand, the caffeine has the ability to impose concentration while performing mental tasks. People who enjoy in this beverage like to call this phenomenon alert calmness.

l_theanineMostly because of its structure, L – theanine has been related to dietary supplements and it has been promoted as the main ingredient in relaxation and stress reduction. It is often used as an additive in food and beverages.

In order to determine a type of action of L – theanine, scientists conducted most of the researches on the animals. Some preliminary research conducted on humans  (the dose that has been consumed is 10 to 20 percent stronger than the one that can be found in one cup of tea):

In Japan, college students have been submitted to the research, one group received L – theanine and the other took a placebo. The group that received L – theanine claimed decreased anxiety, the blood pressure was in normal range right before the upcoming exams and tests and those kind of satiation were highly stressful for young population.

Another study that took place in Japan only this time it involved graduate students who took L – theanine. They have reported less anxiety when they got a job in pharmaceutical industry, then those who took the placebo.

l-theaninIn Canada a research has been made and the results regarding a L – theanine showed that it improved the quality of sleep to boys who suffered from ADHD. And in Israel, a research showed that L – theanine helped with patients who suffeedr from schizophrenia in a way that decreased anxiety.

Most of these studies haven’t been large or long – term and they were always performed on children and young adults. Also, they showed many methodological lacks.

L – theanine based on the promotion claims has the potential ability to reduce stress and anxiety, but the scientific evidence is lacking. Consumers should be especially aware when combining this supplement with other types of medicines. Over the time, this supplement may cause an addiction. Some of the supplements may contain D – theanine, which is a different form and does not have the same effects as a L – theanine. The appropriate dose of supplements that contain L – theanine and its long – term side effects are still unknown. The final advice would be: it is better to drink tea than to take supplements in any case.

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Phenylpiracetam – For Better Brain Function

Phenylpiracetam – For Better Brain Function

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A nootropic from Recatam family, phenylpiracetam has stronger neuroprotective abilities than Piracetam from which it is derived. A lot of research was done on phenylpiracetam and they all showed how effective was it in attenuating the rate of cognitive brain decline.  But the positive effects of phenylpiracetam were only found in cognitive decline of the brain which is caused by organic causes like dementia and stroke. There is not enough evidence to include increase of brain functions if it is taken by those who didn’t suffer cognitive decline of their brain functions, but the possibility of that can’t be ruled out completely.

Studies that were conducted with phenylpiracetam weren’t large scale studies but they have shown several highly possible effects in human body caused by phenylpiracetam. As I said there isn’t a lot of high scale research so this drug is still in its experimental stage.

No research was done to determine whether phenylpiracetam can cause cognitive enhancement in children, but there is evidence that shows that it improves the brain functions of those who had cognitive decline due to some natural cause.

There is evidence of improvement of physical functions of elderly people who suffered stroke (this also includes people that have been injured). Whether phenylpiracetam causes any form of cognitive recline or decline as a side effect in these cases was not tested.

Tests have shown the improvement of stroke recovery rate in cases which were treated with phenylpiracetam in comparison with cases that included usage of placebo.

   Anxiety and depression that follow stroke are reduced with usage phenylpiracetam, but there are no studies that would confirm this for sure. And furthermore there no tests that included anxiety and depression cases which were not in direct connection with stroke.

As it was aforementioned, phenylpiracetam is a derivative of piracetam which has an additional phenyl group.  Increased effects of phenylpiracetam over its previous state were showed an increase in physical condition of the subjects and cold resistance which caused banning of all substances that contained it by world anti-doping agency.

So, whether it is a viable drug or not is not certain at all. There are some studies that have shown positive effects of phenylpiracetam, but those studies were not conducted on large scale or for a prolonged time. Those studies were all done for short period of time, and there are no studies that show effects of prolonged use of phenylpiracetam in longer periods of time, namely over 1 or 2 moths).

Phenylpiracetam is being promoted as a natural source with which people can increase their cognitive brain functions, level of energy, focus as well as locomotive abilities of the users. Some even go further to attach immunoreactivity and prevention of fear and depression to phenylpiracetam. Drugs with phenylpiracetam are being sold with those effects written on the bottle, but I would wait for a year or two before using products that have phenylpiracetam. All of that may be true, but the keyword is may, because there are no studies that confirm the effects of phenylpiracetam after some of usage.

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Synephrine – Benefits and Risks

Synephrine – Benefits and Risks

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Synephrine is a type of alkaloid which is found in certain animals and plants, but it can also be synthesized artificially. This substance is today known for its adrenergic effects which can be compared to norepinephrine. Certain common food, such as orange juice and some other citrus products, can have a very low concentration of synephrine. It was used in Chinese medicine centuries ago and because of it’s benefits it is still in use today. Most commonly it is found in immature and dried oranges. People in the U.S. consume it as extracted substance from citruses, often together with caffeine, as a dietary supplement intended for weight loss. Clinically, synephrine is used for its sympathomimetic properties and is not an approved drug.

People connect synephrine today with bitter orange since it is most commonly derived from this fruit: small citrus trees from Eastern Africa and tropical Asia. It is consumed since it has similar effects as ephedrine, but ephedrine has been made illegal because it has very serious side effects. Synephrine has a lower chemical potency than ephedrine, but it can still pose a risk to health and users have to be informed about all of the health risks involved.varius citrus fruits

Synephrine acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system. It acts as an agonist at adrenergic receptors with relatively low potency. Synephrine will lead to weight loss because it speeds up the metabolism, suppresses hunger and breaks down fat (have in mind that there is not a scientific study with conclusive evidence for this).[/box]

On the other hand,  synephrine can, for one, cause issues with heart rate. Since synephrine is a stimulant, consumption will lead to increased heart rate, sometimes reaching dangerous levels. This is especially dangerous if synephrine is used with other stimulants, such as caffeine. Synephrine use will lead to elevated blood pressure, which is a consequence of a higher heart rate. Excessive blood pressure can cause the weakening of blood vessels, resulting in aneurisms. Also, a very serious problem can be heart muscle thickening, due to the elevated heart rate. Elevated heart rate and blood pressure can have a myriad of connected medical issues: fainting is one of these and it comes as a consequence of changes in blood pressure as well as decreased blood flow. A stroke is also a major risk after consuming large quantities of synephrine. Ischemic stroke can come  as a result of the contracting blood vessels in brain since synephrine is a major vasocontractor. Heart muscle, when the heart has to work harder than usual, becomes harder and thicker, which can lead to a heart attack. The amount of blood, and oxygen, that reach the heart muscle gets lower, which can lead to angina of the muscles.SYNEPHRINE Powder

When everything adds up, it is still unclear whether synephrine has exclusively good or bad effects. The information on this subject is yet to be scientifically confirmed. Much more studies and data is needed in order to have the full scope of synephrine as a health supplement and/or medicine.

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